Team of Experienced Specialists

All the partners have extensive experience in organic food and farming
and related management and quality management systems.

Mark Hoffman

Farm Manager

Mark’s amazing knowledge of organic techniques and growing plants will bring you a variety of products this summer!

Leslie Peterson

Quality Control

Leslie is products quality control manager who strives to produce products with minimal impact to the environment.

John Doe

General Farmer

John keeps on business of the 3rd generation, his dad taught him all of the basics of farming industry.

Kimberly Barker


She is in the unique position of holding two full-time careers that both are all about promoting health and nutrition.

Erik Robinson

Agricultural Expert

Erik is a real expert in everything concerning organic farming. He can help you answer any agricultural question you may have.

Amy McMillan


Amy has a lot of experience in dealing with organic agriculture. Her skills allow her to solve any farming issue.

Sam Grey


Sam has been in organic farming for years, and his professional education makes him a great specialist in agriculture.

Jennifer Togers


Jennifer is at the head of our farm and she is responsible for managing our work as well as negotiating with our partners.