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Organic Education

The word “organic” is everywhere, but what does it mean and why is it so important? We believe in the fundamental effects that an organic lifestyle can have on us. From personal health to a healthier planet, we invite you to learn more about what going organic can mean to you.

The Internship

For the past six years, our Farm has been proud to offer an internship for aspiring farmers. We take pride in striving to provide all interns with well-rounded farm experiences that include many different elements of farming.

The mission of our Farm Internship Program is to provide its interns with the means to integrate the theories and principles of organic farming.

Also preparing and training competent entry level of farmers. Most of our interns are individuals who aspire to someday own and operate their own farms. This Internship is not appropriate for individuals pursuing hobby-gardening, and part-time positions are not available.

Our Program

Acceptance to our internship program is based on rolling admission.Depending on the time of year we employ 6 to 12 interns at a time (fewer positions are available during the winter season). As our current interns finish their commitment we add new members to our intern farm crew.

This model allows our more experienced interns the chance to manage and teach the skills they’ve been acquiring to others. After being fully trained, interns will be expected to take on more important responsibilities, help supervise volunteers, and partially manage different aspects of the farm.

Interns must also be receptive and willing to switch tasks for new priorities or unexpected tasks that arise.

Should I Become a Farmer?

Organic farmers raise crops using natural pest control and fertilizers as well as other sustainable techniques, such as composting.

This profession requires an intimate knowledge of the land and the life cyclesof plants and insects. To prepare for an organic farming career, a potential farmer must become acquainted with working outside. Organic farmers spend a good deal of time outdoors, and their work can be physically demanding.

A year-round, 7-day work week with long hours is common. The U.S. Bureauof Labor Statistics predicts that farming jobs in general will decline over the 2012-2022 decade, but due to the growing popularity of organic goods, organic agriculture is actually on the rise.

Get Farming Experience

Organic farmers need to have an intimate knowledge of the land and soil they work with. It is important for potential farmers to become familiar with farming processes and get accustomed to working outside. Experience in weeding, tilling, planting and harvesting are just some of the skills.

Aspiring farmers can begin by obtaining entry-level positions with farms, nurseries, landscaping companies or many other businesses.

Some farms offer formal internships to farmers looking for hands-onexperience. The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) offers a program known as ATTRA, which has listings for apprenticeships and internships at sustainable farms.

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